Transparency in Government | Respect for Citizens | Fiscally responsible | Integrity in Leadership

Terry Gonser brings service and integrity to life in Oakland Township.


Moving Oakland Township Forward

Listening to the voice of the residents and following through to remedy issues is the hallmark of my public service. While we have accomplished much, I pledge to continue listening to residents’ needs and moving the Township forward.

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• Telecast, Live Stream & Archive All Meetings – DONE
• Post Meeting Minutes On-Line – DONE
• Post Board Meeting Packets On-Line – DONE
• Board Electronic Packets (Eliminated 60,000 Printed Pages) - DONE
• Post Township Expenses On-Line - DONE
• Post Township Check Register On-Line – DONE
• Establish 3-year Running Budget – DONE
• Reduced General Fund Millage Three years in a Row - DONE
• End No-Bid Contracts – DONE
• On-Line Key Word Searchable Ordinances – DONE
• On-Line Property Tax Information – DONE
• On-Line Free Burn Permits – DONE
• Full Service Legal Counsel with Flat Rate Contract- DONE
• On-Line Building Inspection Scheduling – DONE
• Township Hall Major System Updates – DONE
• Township Hall Security Improvements – DONE
• Township Officer’s Weekly Office Hours – DONE
• New User Friendly Website – DONE
• Improved Customer Service – DONE
• Implemented Security Systems for Township Data – DONE
• Full Time Desk Officer at Sheriff’s Substation - DONE


• ROADS – Invest in Lasting Improvements
• Community Well Water System – Upgrade with Storage and Treatment
• Well Head Protection Program - Introduce to Protect our Water Safety
• Respect Private Property Rights – Update our Ordinances
• Veteran’s Tribute – Establish for all Current and Past Service Members
• Reduce Taxes in Dedicated Millages
• Park System that Serves All Ages, Interests and Abilities.
• Accountable Form of Representative Government - Reestablish
• Expansion of Natural Gas – Township Wide
• Township Documents – Digitize ALL Records


• Raised in Oakland Twp. 1952 – 1968
• Oakland Twp. Resident (1993-present)
• B.S. Metallurgical Engineering, Michigan Technological University
• M.S. Welding Engineering, Ohio State University
• U.S. Army Weapons Command / U.S. Army Tank-Auto Command
• Retiree, General Motors Corp., Engineering Mgr. (30+ yrs)
• Founded and owned two small businesses
• Vice President and General Manager, Ohio Aerospace Group
• President, Oakland County Association of Township Supervisors
• Member, Michigan Association of Township Supervisors
• Vice Chairman, Older Persons Commission Governing Board
• Past President, Rochester Area Republican Club
• Board of Directors, Carmel Symphony Orchestra (Indianapolis)
• Member, Meadow Brook Historic Race Steering Committee
• National Rifle Association, Life Member
• Ducks Unlimited (Wetlands Conservation & Restoration) 40 Yr. Member
• Extensive Volunteer Leadership Involvement in Church , School and Civic Organizations

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